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Recommended weight setup for solidluuv with Gopro hero 4 and luuv action gimbal

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  • Recommended weight setup for solidluuv with Gopro hero 4 and luuv action gimbal


    Is there a recommended weight setup guide for the solidluuv for the Gopro hero 4 (I think it's the black or silver), and mounted to the luuv action gimbal (is there also one for the hero 5 black edition?). It doesn't seem to be on the website, and I've also been struggling for a couple of weeks now trying to get the solidluuv balanced.

    When I hold in steady, it is ok, but when I move around - running, jumping - it keeps tilting in different directions and can't keep stable. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

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    HiSean Webb, yes, solidLUUV with the gimbal mounted on top is our solidLUUV Pro steadycam (formerly ultraLUUV ACTION). You will find all the setups for that in the forum, link here:

    The weight setup for just solidLUUV with GPH4 is here:

    Have you looked at the manual pages 22-43? These pages will help you fine tune your solidLUUV.

    Kind regards,

    Christine, teamLUUV


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      Hallo Christine/teamLUUV

      Vielen Dank für das Link. I think I got a little bit confused with some of the steps involved in setting up my camera, I didn't know the ultraLuuv was a solidluuv with a gimbal mounted on top of it, I thought it was something completely different. I also got a bit confused with the drop tests, whether the solidluuv should tilt to completely vertical both ways, and trying to balance it horizontally as well, and the best way to correct it, and of course remembering to hold the grip as well.

      I have since used the guide, the solidluuv, gimbal and Gopro 4 were a lot more stable, though I'll do some more tests to be sure.

      Sorry for my late response.

      One last thing, is there some way to turn the beeping noise off? I find it annoying, and I think other people do too.

      Mit Freundlichen GruBen



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        Hi Sean,
        I see, then I understand why you were a bit confused. I am happy that you figured it out and it sounds like you only have some small adjustments to do? Let me know if there are any questions I can help you with.
        Do you mean the beeping noise of the gimbal? If you plug it into your computer (only Windows) you are able to change some of the settings. You might be able to change the beeping there.

        Kind regards,
        Christine, teamLUUV