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  • Weight Setup HTC 10

    I struggled to get a good balance with the HTC 10. I found a setup that works well enough for me. Since there were no other setups, I decided to share mine here.

    The thing that makes it hard is the fact that the power button is in the middle of the long side. This means that the clip has to be to the side. This also means that the 1/4 inch screw goes 2 holes to the right of the center. This then has to be compensated with the weights.

    In the top funnel, I use only the weight cone.

    In the bottom, I do not use the small weight ring in the middle, only weights on the four screws, like this:

    A - position 5 weights: 9
    B - position 4 weights: 11
    C - position 1 weights: 9
    D - position 1 weights: 9

    Hope this works well enough. If anyone gets a better balance, I'll be glad to hear about it.

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    Hi Jeroen Kransen, thank you for sharing your setup! It is an atypical way of setting of your solidLUUV but I'm glad it works If you need any further help you are always welcome to send us an email on

    Kind regards,