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  • Nikon KeyMission 360

    Hey Guys,
    Here are my settings for the Nikon KeyMission 360.
    Note: this a first time setup, and hasn't be extensively used, so subject to change, but it's a good baseline.
    This is a heavy setup with additional weights in the top and bottom section. A lighter one is possible but after trying both I prefer the heavy setup.
    This was done on a solidLUUV received on the 21st of December 2016 (I'm assuming different production batches may lead to different setups)

    Camera setup:
    Nikon KeyMission 360
    Silicon jacket (Nikon, black, original part)
    EN-EL12 battery (Nikon, original part)
    micro SD card (128Gb samsung - not that it should affect balance...)
    Lens protector AA-14A (Nikon, original part, on both lenses)

    Cheese plate setup:
    Camera directly on cheese plate with 1/4 screw
    Screw in centre hole
    "Nikon" branded side of the camera pointing towards to cheese plate notch

    Top weight:
    Small weight cone

    Bottom weight:
    Small weight disc

    Fine adjustment setup:
    A: 2 discs - position 4
    B: 1 discc - position 1
    C: 3 discs - position 2
    D: 2 discs - position 2

    So far the results are very good!
    Yet to try cycling and kitesurfing (ahem, we'll see how that one goes...)



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    Hi Mat, Thanks a lot for sharing! teamLUUV