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  • Xiaomi Yi 4K

    Xiaomi Yi 4K

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    Xiaomi Yi 4K weight setup (camera without case + action gimbal + solidLuuv):

    1/4 ich screw on chees plate - "5"

    A 14 position 2
    B 4 position 1
    C 8 position 2
    D 4 position 3

    on the button small ring weight.


    • LUUV
      LUUV commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi WaRy,
      thanks a lot for submitting your setup. We'll get our hands at a Xiaomi Yi 4K next week and will verify your setup.

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    Hi WaRy! We are giving away 3 brackets for the YI-CAM at the moment, which makes it suitable for our ACTION GIMBAL. You will find the giveaway under General Discussions!


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      Hey WaRy or LUUV

      Can you please explain how and which weights to put on and where? Preferably with a tutorial movie? I've searched the forum and the manual and I am a noob here, but not on other technical stuff I assure you ;-P
      But all the things I've read didn't help me uptil now :-(

      grt Boris


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        Hi Borissimo!

        If you go through the manual, you should be able to set up your YI CAM perfectly. Have you made a droptime test to make sure that the top and the bottom are the same weight? It is explained on page 28.
        You can use WaRy's setup and work from there you just need to make sure that the droptest is good. You might need to add or remove a couple of small weight plates.

        Kind regards, Christine