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ultraLUUV ACTION changes name to solidLUUV Pro

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  • ultraLUUV ACTION changes name to solidLUUV Pro

    Hi all,

    As you might have noticed we started redesigning our website a few weeks ago and it's finally online! In addition to that, we decided to rename ultraLUUV ACTION. That means we're making some changes in the Community Forum as well. The way we see it, combining solidLUUV with the ACTION GIMBAL is like giving solidLUUV the ultimate upgrade. This turns solidLUUV into a 2x3-axis stabilization system that gives you drone-stable footage, but on the ground. Therefore, we are changing the name from ultraLUUV ACTION to solidLUUV Pro. So next time you’re looking for a setup for your ultraLUUV ACTION you know where to find it – under solidLUUV Pro.

    Kind regards,