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Action Gimbal and Xiaomi Yi Action Cam

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  • Action Gimbal and Xiaomi Yi Action Cam

    I received my UltraLUUV package this month and wanted to use the action gimbal with my Xiaomi Yi action camera. I was kinda naive and thought that the dimension are nearly the same, compared to the go pros, and that it would fit somehow, but it has to fit exactly. So im missing 3 mm to get my yi cam work together with the gimbal.

    Is there a special bracket / adapter for the older (non 4k) yi cam? I could glue it together and use some cable ties, but I don't like the look of it.

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    Black Pug Pictures Thank you for reaching out. Yes, there is a special bracket that you can use for the YI cam but I' afraid that we don't sell them. If you search for 1replace board adapter' and your YI cam you should be able to find it.

    Kind regards,



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      I asked that question before I received the LUUV, and I received a link to the website where to buy it, so I received it before I got the LUUV in ;-)

      The only thing is, right now I'm trying to put the adapter on the gimbal, but of course there isn't a manual for that ;-P
      It seems there is a piece of rubber covering a part where I can unscrew the screws and take of the old adapter, is that correct? I don't want to wreck it...

      grt Boris


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        I took of the piece of rubber and found the screws behind it ;-)


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          Borissimo Hi! I'm happy you figured out how to change the bracket - that is the correct way to do it. if you have any further questions, you are also very welcome to send me an email on