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anyone figured out weight placements for Sony Xperia Z2 or Z5 ?

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  • anyone figured out weight placements for Sony Xperia Z2 or Z5 ?

    Unfortunately, on both devices the on/off switch is positioned in the middle of the side, thus making it impossible to turn the device on or off while being placed in the adaptor. Moving the smartphone to one side makes it even harder to balance it.
    Thanks a lot in advance as I have given up Martin

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    Hi Martino, did you try to adjust the phone while not being in the middle of the adapter so you can keep the power switch free? Depending on what side you are shifting the phone, you would have to shift some counterweights either to B or D as well. (We experienced kind of the same challenge with other smartphone before, for example the Galaxy S6.)


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      yes, but as written I wasn't able to master the challenge, so I will be waiting for a enlightened Yedi to find the Balance ... or Luuv decides to publish Settings for the - lets say - 20 or 30 most common smartphones or especially those with 4k resolution ;-)


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        Just read some reviews on Amazon complaining on how complicated/impossible the weight adjustment is causing them to return the product. Based on the "activity" and unanswered questions in this Forum it seems as if luuv as a company does not care.
        Just borrow cellphones from friends or pass by a store selling the newest models, figure out the weight placements and publish them! It is not our job to solve the Rubik's cube.Until then mine catches dust and confirms my believes about "Berliner" Hipster start-ups.


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          Hi Martino, I've just received my solidLUUV and followed the steps in the guide. I must admit, it was quite a big challenge, but I arrived in balancing it out for the Xperia Z5.
          So here are my steps:
          1. I placed the phone right in the middle of the holder, knowing, that I can't access the power button anymore (as you've said). However, the camera-activation button (the smallest to the right on the power-button) remains accessible, so you can still capture videos.

          2. Weight cone on top,

          3. On A: 2 large weight rings and 3 small, POSITION: 2
          4. On B: 1 small weight ring, POSITION: 1
          5. On C: 2 large weight rings and 3 small, POSITION: 3
          6. On D: no weight rings, POSITION: 1

          Depending on the exact position of your Phone on the cheese plate, you need to fine ajust. Mine sits exactly in the middle. Maybe you need to turn the ajustment ring to the left two instances (worked best for me).

          Hope this helps?