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solidLUUV - LG V20, Screenprotector, Micro SD-Card (english)

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  • solidLUUV - LG V20, Screenprotector, Micro SD-Card (english)

    Recommended weight setup for solidLUUV and LG V20 (Verizon Edition) with a Zizo tempered glass screen protector and a micro SD-card. This weight setup is not verified yet.

    This weight setup was created by Kelken. Thanks!

    Additional notes from the creator:
    PHONE ADAPTER: position the phone landscape with the top laying on the left side when viewed from the back of the phone (filming position). The left edge of the universal phone adaptor should line up to just cover the Verizon logo yet still showing the dot of the "i" in the word Ver"i"zon.
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    Can you do a version for the LG V10 and Asus Zenfone 2?


    • Tobias_LUUV
      Tobias_LUUV commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi robiewankenobbi, Thanks, we have added it to our wishlist and are trying to get our hands on those devices as soon as possible. Happy holidays!

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    Thank you very much
    I tried to do it based on some of the recomended setup like the v20 however I wasn't able to balance it properly..