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Setup procedure OLYMPUS TG-4

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  • Setup procedure OLYMPUS TG-4

    The Olympus tough series seems an ideal camera to use with the solid Luuv.
    1) total weight <250 g
    2) Internal focusing and zoom so minimal adjustment necessary whether on/off or zoom position.
    3) waterproof
    4) remote control of camera possible via smartphone and Olympus app.
    5) in camera image stabilisation

    Luuv setup:
    1)Position of mounting screw on baseplate: centrehole.
    Ensure camera lens facing nose on cheese plate. This can be confirmed by looking at reflection of holes on LCD of camera. look for symmetry
    Accessories attached. Weights given are based on Lens ring(std) being the only accessory attached. Ensure battery and memory card are in camera.
    2)Additional weights. No additional weights are used in top funnel or base cap however ensure that the weight cone screw (top funnel) and hat shaped set nut and washer (base cap) are in place and screwed down firmly.
    3) Position of weights. Standard nomenclature used. Small weight poles ABCD, screw positions on each pole 1-6 and total number of thin washers on each pole (ie B2-1 is pole B in second position with one small weight)
    Ensure adjustment ring is set with notches lined up in zero position
    A1-12, B2-1, C2-12, D2-7

    I found the following minor adjustments worth trying to correct any slight imbalance.
    a)exchange lens ring(std) for conversion lens adapter CLA-t01.
    b) vary adjustment ring on Luuv by one notch either way.

    Further details to follow, include footage taken and variation in setup for Olympus models TG-3 and TG-5